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Jo Morgan re Michael Maar's evidence on the Lolita/Lichberg issue.
Re the 'outrage'Kunin expects will one day be unleashed over Michael Maar's
arguments about the connection between VN's Lolita and Lichberg's minor

I am still waiting for Nabokov's many scholars and fans to show sufficient
interest in my book "Solving Nabokov's Lolita Riddle" (2005). By paying
careful attention to Nabokov's well-documented battle against Sigmund Freud
and his strategy of encrypting deliberate 'blunders' across his memoirs
(Speak, Memory/Conclusive Evidence and Eugene Onegin)I have managed to
prove that Nabokov wrote Lolita as a semi-autobiographical/semi-fictional
account of his own terrible incestuous abuse as a boy at the hands of his
pedophilic Uncle Ruka.

The dangerous confidence trick 'Nabokov the Magician' has pulled on
everyone explains: 1) the many gender-bending games the author played
around Humbert's 'twofold' nymphet (e.g. Lolita's 'boys knees, her 'butcher-
boy' pyjamas and 'tomboy shirt'); 2) the author's closing confession in his
so-called 'novel' Lolita - "I have camouflaged what I could so as not to
hurt people"; and 3) Humbert's sly agreement that Lolita can take part in
the Beardsley school play provided that boys parts are taken by girls
parts. It also explains the blatant lie Nabokov told in his infamous
postscript "On a Book Entitled Lolita" - namely that a US publisher had
once proposed he replace his 12 year old girl with a boy.

The revelations contained in my book with one day make Maar's work look
like the proverbial storm in a tea cup. Please take the time to examine
aspects of my analysis on my website You can also
order copies of my book via the website, if you so wish.

With Lolita turning 50 this month, isn't it past time for Nabokov's 'time-
bomb' to finally go off?

Jo Morgan

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