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When the bride is a window and the groom is a widower; when the
former has lived in Our Great Little Town for hardly two years, and
the latter for hardly a month; when Monsieur wants to get the whole
damned thing over with as quickly as possible, and Madame gives in
with a tolerant smile; then, my reader, the wedding is generally a
"quiet" affair. The bride may dispense with a tiara of orange
blossoms securing her finger-tip veil, nor does she carry a white
orchid in a prayer book. The bride's little daughter might have added
to the ceremonies uniting H. and H. a touch of vivid vermeil; but I
knew I would not dare be too tender with cornered Lolita yet, and
therefore agreed it was not worth while tearing the child away from
her beloved Camp Q.

>A friend of mine has do a reading at a wedding. She has trawled through most
>of English literature for something suitable, but hasn't found anything that
>is just right - something general about the nature of love or the meeting of
>hearts and minds, etc. Is there anything that springs to mind in Nabokov
>that could perhaps be deemed suitable for such an occasion? The text needn't
>be more than half a page or so.
>TA Colquhoun
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