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Fwd: Re: Michael Maar's evidence on the Lolita/Lichberg issue.
EDNOTE. Carolyn Kunin is the English translator of Marr's original article. Her
translation appeared in the (London) Times Literary Supplement and may be found
in the NABOKV-L Archive.

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Subject: Re: Michael Maar's evidence on the Lolita/Lichberg issue.
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What makes VN´s putative use to certain aspects of minor Lichberg´s opus
so disturbing?
> Jansy

Dear Jansy,

I have been vainly waiting for the cries of outrage to erupt against the
publication of Michael Maar's book on Nabokov and the von Lichberg "Lolita."
I'm still waiting. Does this silence mean the critics no longer care? or
that they have become used to the idea? or that they even accept the
possibility? or that the discouraging P-word hasn't reared it's ugly head?

I have sent Michael Maar my congratulations on the publication of his book
and wish him well with his endeavors.


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