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Dear Don and List

There is something that I cannot understand qua Michael Maar´s books on
Lolita and the influence over its plot by Lichberg´s own Lolita. Nabokov
constantly makes references to various authors pointing to their works,
poems, misapprehensions and serendipities. There is Turgenev, although in a
satyrical vein and, more reverently, Pushkin. There is Prosper Merrimée and
Chateaubriand, Byron and Plato. What makes VN´s putative use to certain
aspects of minor Lichberg´s opus so disturbing?

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Subject: Michael Maar's evidence on the Lolita/Lichberg issue.

Michael Maar's new book on "Lolita and the German lieutenant" has appeared
Germany. The
edition features a reprint of Lichberg's "Lolita".

Maar presents new evidence for the intertextual relationship between
Lolita from 1916
and Nabokov's masterpiece.
Maar slightly modifies his former thesis on cryptomnesia and suggests that
Nabokov may have
alluded to the Lichberg story by pointing mysteriously to a "spanish child
of an
aristocrate" in his
novel. In the screenplay for "Lolita" Nabokov even calls Lolita "Gioconda" -
Lichberg's collection
of stories bears the title "The Cursed Gioconda". Moreover, Maar discovered
the same collection
another short story by Lichberg ("Atomit") which anticipates the plot of
Nabokov's play "The Waltz

Ulrich Schmid
Slavic Dept.
Ruhr-University Bochum

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