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Re-sending [NABOKV-L] Red Riding Hood revisited: Kassel's "the
Woodsman" and VN's "Lolita"

Brian Boyd: “I checked what I had at this point on AdaOnline, Jansy, and
something peculiar happened: the first time I clicked on the hyperlink at
106.02, French mustard, only the first and last of the two notes below
appeared in the lower left-hand annotations frame; when I clicked on “the
yellow index was a trouvaille,” all four appeared; I can’t think why this
would happen.”

Jansy Mello: It works fine whenever I use it. Could it have been a momentary

While I checked it right now I read the next paragraph again*. The
importance of strong grown nails is stressed in connection to the mosquito
itch, confirming what I had in mind and you suggested at the end of your
post about AdaÂ’s sinful soft fingertips.

You wrote that “Yes, the “lapse into delicious sin” seems to me no more than
AdaÂ’s once again biting her fingernails [ ] The itch, in other words,
seems to be sexual [ ] Does AdaÂ’s biting her fingernails in Christmas 1884
suggest masturbation to itch the red rash kept alive at Brownhill by Vanda?”

Short fingernails are popularly recommended for hetero and homosexual
masturbation of women and I was surprised at how many explicit entries about
this matter are available at present (search entry: “masturbation short
fingernails”). What I found particularly entertaining, but not necessarily
informative about the importance of short nails, were the very modern
choices of different colors to signal sexual preferences. Lesbian Mlle
Larivière must have been prescient! ***

Brian Boyd: “The first note simply means that the mustard Mlle Larivière
chose was French because, as a Québecoise, she is proud of French culture
and dismissive of any other kind.”

Jansy: Google information can be so profuse that itÂ’s often misleading. Take
this entry: MENTION the phrase “French mustard” to the average Briton and
they will think of the mild, dark brown kind that was popularised by the
Norwich-based firm Colman's./ However to most French people this is a
mystery - one French blogger described it as “that sweet English stuff they
have the nerve to call ‘French Mustard’.” **

Was VN writing “Ada, or Ardor” as a Briton, an American, a Quebecois, a
Frenchman, a Swiss?



Soon after the birthday picnic, when kissing the hands of his

little sweetheart had become a tender obsession with Van, her

nails, although still on the squarish side, became strong enough

to deal with the excruciating itch that local children experienced

in midsummer.

** MENTION the phrase “French mustard” to the average Briton and they will
think of the mild, dark brown kind that was popularised by the Norwich-based
firm Colman's./ However to most French people this is a mystery - one French
blogger described it as “that sweet English stuff they have the nerve to
call ‘French Mustard’.” [ ] Dijon is a dark yellow, with a milder taste
than English mustard, but still with more bite and a more classic mustard
taste than the sweetish, savoury, “French mustard”. In fact, Colman’s French
Mustard is now unobtainable, since they stopped the line after 65 years,
following an EU competition law ruling in 2001 after parent firm Unilever
also acquired Amora Maille. It was told to sell the brand or stop making it.
Even so, “French Mustard” can still be found in Britain - for example,
Waitrose do an own-label one. Real French mustards should also not be
confused with “French’s mustard” - a classic hot-dog style condiment that is
the best-known brand in the USA. This, as its makers insisted during the
Iraq war, has strictly nothing to do with France, but is a family name. As
for real French mustards, there is controversy at Amora Maille after it
announced it was closing its headquarters and factory in Dijon - though it
will retain a mustard shop there. Production will continue at its factory to
the east of the city at Chévigny, which Unilever points out is still part of
“Greater Dijon.” The company cited economic difficulties with running a
town-centre site.

*** Femme-flagging manicures first came to internet-fame through -– what
else — a Tumblr. Primarily, what I've seen has been ladies painting all
their nails one color, and then painting their ring fingernails, or ring and
middle fingernails (fucking fingers!), a different color (their "flagging"
color). A pink manicure with a glitter ring finger, for example, could mean
"femme for femme" (i.e. I am a femme lesbian who prefers to date other femme
lesbians). Meanings can also parallel traditional hanky code colors –- i.e.
grey for bondage, black for S&M, light blue for oral (hooray!), and so on.//
I've also seen women bandying about the idea that each finger could
represent something different, each color conveying a specific finger-based
meaning. That's a bit too complicated for me -– firstly, ten different
meanings is a lot to keep track of. Secondly, and not least importantly,
there's no way in hell I'm painting each nail a different color, unless it's
1997 and I'm 12./ I have two requirements for a femme-flagging manicure: It
should be pretty, and it should clearly convey the message ("I like
girls!"). A simple way to do this would be to paint all your nails one
color, and then one or two fingers a different color. Individual color
meanings be damned. We have better things to do than sit around scrutinizing
each other's phalanges, trying to decipher layers of meaning through the
sheer power of the color wheel.

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