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The Lives of Lepidopterists

Editors: *Dyer*, Lee A., *Forister*, Matthew L. (Eds.)

- ​Offers exciting, beautifully written vignettes of life in the field
and exciting discoveries by leading lepidopterists

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Inchworms, tiger moths, underwings, owlet moths, silkworms,sphinx moths,
grass moths, and butterflies. Collectively, these and many others are the
Lepidoptera, one of the most diverse groups of animals on the planet.

Lepidoptera can be found in the highest tropical canopies,the driest
deserts, and at the leading edge of science. The adults include some of the
most beautiful insects that have inspired artists and have sailed through
the dreams of human cultures for millennia. The immature stages
(“caterpillars”), like the underwing depicted on the cover, link together
vital processes in diverse terrestrial ecosystems that are only barely
documented let alone understood.

The people that study these animals are lepidopterists, and the goal of
this book is to introduce them with their own words. In twenty chapters,
lepidopterists tell their stories, and these tales mirror the diversity of
nature in their range and depth. You will find individuals that wrestle
with the challenges of scientific careers, stories of far flung travel sand
close calls, and historical perspectives on recent decades of scientific
break throughs.
Table of contents (20 chapters)
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