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Queries re Spanish versions of LOLITA

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Dear Don,
Greetings from Las Vegas! All is well--terrific classes, great department,
good weather.
I'm preparing a paper (for my translation theory class) comparing the
various dolorous attempts to translate _Lolita_ into Spanish. It's been
illuminating so far, and daunting, and yet another reminder of VN's dazzling
command of style.
I'm looking at Francesc Roca's effort right now, but still waiting on the
Interlibrary Loan for the infamous Tejedor (aka Pezzoni) bowdlerization.
Some questions (for you and, if possible, for the list):
(1) My edition cuts off halfway through the Quilty confrontation
("...essential innocence / because you cheated me--"). This is surely a
printer's error and not a deliberate choice, right? This is an Anagrama
edition (ISBN 84-339-2038-2) from 1991. Has this been fixed in later
editions? Is this error unique to this particular book (ie, the one I
happened to order from Amazon)?
(2) Does anyone have the Tejedor (or Pezzoni) edition? If so, would they
mind scanning and e-mailing Chapter 1 and 13 from Part One and Chapter 25
from Part Two? The library has been trying to find it for a while but no
(3) Michael Juliar lists two bootleg Los--(Montevideo, Diana & Mexico, DF,
Azteca)... Any suggestions as to how to locate these?
(4) Any thoughts on Lolita's Spanishification? I've found that Tejedor
seems to have done a fairly honorable job overall, though some passages
register odd choices, and a great deal is lost in moving from one language
to the other. But that's no big surprise.
My best to you and yours.

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