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Query: recent photos of Vyra?
And speaking of the Nabokov family in Russia, does anyone have any fairly
recent photographs of the renovation of the family estate at Vyra? I found
some nice pictures on the internet a few years ago, but was wondering if
anyone has been there in the last while and made any pictures. It's a
beautiful place in a beautiful landscape, pretty much exactly the way I'd
imagined it from Nabokov's descriptions in _Speak, Memory_, although the
light is much more "northern" looking than I'd thought it would be. If this
L-SERV site can't accomodate color photos, I'd appreciate receiving them at
this email address directly. Thanks.

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>Subject: Fw: Death notice of Uncle Ruka & review of Iza Kremer performance
>Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 22:58:15 -0800
>EDNOTE. Whoops. Right you are, Alexey. Pardon my lapse.

>Only not "Ivan" Rukavishnikov, but Vasiliy. Ivan was name of Uncle Ruka's
>(VN's grandfather). The latter's name-and-patronimic is, by the way, Ivan
>Vasilievich, which makes him the namesake of Ivan the Terrible.
>By another coincidence, today is also October 31.


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