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Kubrick's LOLITA

Gift books: oversize, overstuffed, outrageous
Boston Globe, United States - 3 hours ago

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A more serious cinematic book is ''The Stanley Kubrick Archives" (Taschen, $200). This contains images from all of the great director's films, presented without commentary, as well as an equally large section of documents related to the films drawn from the Kubrick archives. The book, another luxury product, includes a CD with a 1966 interview with Kubrick and a strip of frames from a print of ''2001: A Space Odyssey" owned by the director. Some readers may be drawn especially to the section on ''Lolita," perhaps not the filmmaker's finest effort, but one of the most difficult projects he ever undertook. The chapter begins with a reproduction of a telegram from the creator of Humbert Humbert and the nymphet -- ''I might consider it . . . Nabokov" -- responding to an offer to write the screenplay. He subsequently submitted a 400-page draft, and Kubrick's producing partner James B. Harris remarked that they could ''hardly lift the script, much less film it.'