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Fwd: article by Ilya Odesky in ChessPro
EDNOTE. NABOKV-L thanks George Shimanovich for this reference.

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Subject: article by Ilya Odesky in ChessPro
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I came upon this article on a very good, Russian only, chess site: In this somewhat non-typical
chess publication, chess player and journalist, Ilya Odessky, ponders where,
in written word, mystification ends and deception begins, or the relation
between author and reality. While a t it, surprisingly (or not so) author
quotes VN three times (if I am not wrong to conclude that second epigraph is
by Nabokov also). The article itself is called 'Daje ne lzhets' ('Even not
liar) from one of two quotes by Iosif Brodsky (quite fitting also; first of
these quotes is Brodsky's brush-off of VN as a poet). I enjoyed the article
and thought some of you may as well.

George Shimanovich

P.S. Sometimes I wish that Nabokov-L could keep high Nabokov studies
standard on the par with ChessPro, so to speak. Like, deepening our
understanding of themes touched by the above (non-literary) article without
bringing them to least common denominator of street level (like that of
recent 'contributor' from Sydney).

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