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Fwd: exile & novels

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Subject: exile & novels
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Really, I have some troubles to make a logical connection between "exile and
novels" and don't think
they follow: Cantica gignit amor et amorem cantica gignunt.

Oh, I am not sure if you meant "ellipsis", but whom should I excuse?

Cheers, Vladimir

Dear Vladimir,

Excuse [me for] the misspelling of ellipsis.

I'm amazed to find that there is any question about the importance of exile
in Nabokov's life and work. Amor may bring forth songs and poetry, but it
seems to me that the novels of Nabokov are made of stronger and more bitter
stuff. Imagine a Nabokov of the poetry & short stories only - - that's the
only literary Nabokov I can imagine in a Russia sans revolution. Imagine
Dante without the Commedia.

But of course, there's really no way of knowing how different the world
would have been without Ulyanov or Mr -vili. Probably no German
picklepacker either.

Anyway, all of this being pure conjecture, chaqu'un à son goût?


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