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FW: Nabokov's copy of Hamlet?

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Dear Bobby Fishkin,

I wish I could reply with better news. All that I vaguely recall is a
green school edition - then again, it might have been mine. My
helpers and I are in fairly close contact with the Montreux books.
All I can promise is that we'll keep an eye out for Father's Hamlet.

With best wishes,
Dmitri Nabokov

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Dear Nabokov L with particular attention to Dmitri Nabokov,

I am conducting research into where, if anywhere, Nabokov's personal
copy of Hamlet exists with his annotations, underlining or other
marginalia. I have
been informed by Professor Stephen Jan Parker that there was marginalia
Nabokov's copies of two Shakespeare plays-- "The Tempest" and
"Twelfth-Night."-- in the Montreux books that he looked through, but
that there
was no copy of Hamlet among those books. I would be very interested in
such an edition exists, either in Dmitri Nabokov's possesion or in
collection. Many, many thanks for any information any of you might be
able to
offer me in this regard,

Bobby Fishkin

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