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> Literary greatness? Doubtful.
Carolyn, reasonings may differ but why to call yourself Mc Fate? Funny but
Mr. Dolinin will disagree with you on this one. And do not underestimate
effort to become an 'excellent' chess player. BTW did you play chess more
then you read, that is Nabokov? I would leave greatness to Nabokov and leave
chess and other games to us, mere mortars.

- George

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Dear Don,

Having been burned publicly on the subject of old and new style calendars, I
will express no opinion on the true date of the Russian revolution...

But as to your "odd thought", I think your reasoning is more reasonable
than Alexey's. No exile? The name Vladimir Nabokov would resonate only
within certain insectophile circles. He might have become an excellent
chess player. Happy? Wealthy? Wise? Yes. Literary greatness? Doubtful.
Such is Mc Fate.


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> Today is the 88th anniversary of the Russian revolution without which no
> English
> Nabokov novels and perhaps no Russian ones either. Grounds for an
> "alternative"
> VN biography?

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