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Re: Fw: Nabokov's copy of Hamlet?
I recall an old, lightly annotated, copy of the "Oxford Shakespeare,"
a "Complete Works," edited by W. J. Craig. Dmitri Nabokov told me
that this was the edition VN tended to use.

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>>Dear Nabokov L with particular attention to Dmitri Nabokov,
>>I am conducting research into where, if anywhere, Nabokov's personal copy
>>Hamlet exists with his annotations, underlining or other marginalia. I
>>been informed by Professor Stephen Jan Parker that there was marginalia in
>>Nabokov's copies of two Shakespeare plays-- "The Tempest" and
>>"Twelfth-Night."-- in the Montreux books that he looked through, but that
>>was no copy of Hamlet among those books. I would be very interested in
>>such an edition exists, either in Dmitri Nabokov's possesion or in another
>>collection. Many, many thanks for any information any of you might be
>>able to
>>offer me in this regard,
>>Bobby Fishkin


Samuel Schuman
The University of Minnesota, Morris
Morris, MN 56267

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