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Re: QUERY: Lolita: harlotte's "maroon slacks, yellow silk blouse"
My take on the maroon pants is it being a pun, as Humbert has basically marooned Charlotte below the waist in a loveless marriage.

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> My first response is that those colors are a garish combination, suggesting again Charlotte's vulgarity.
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> ​Didier Machu: “...I have a query regarding Lolita. On that fateful day when Charlotte is killed, .Humbert remarks that she is wearing "the yellow blouse and maroon slacks she had on when [he] first met her." Indeed "maroon slacks, yellow silk blouse" appear to him in that order when she comes down the stairs to greet her lodger-to-be. Why is she dressed identically on the first and last days of their shared life? Why is she made to wear those particular colors? I have been considering several explanations (none of which quite satisfies me) and would like to hear you all on the matter. Thanks.”
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