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[SIGHTING] A reference comparing Lispector,
Angela Carter and V. Nabokob
Jeff VanderMeer's Epic List of Favorite Books Read in 2015 December 18,

Best Story Collection of the Year

_search=1> The Complete Stories by Clarice Lispector, translated by Katrina
Dodson (New Directions)

te_stories_reviewed.html> As I wrote for Slate earlier this year, "Finding
the absurdity or oddness in reality is, in isolation, a good enough
magician's trick, one that has sustained entire literary careers. But the
joy in discovering Lispector is that she fuses the trick to a simultaneous
sense of the universal, often in the same sentence or paragraph. Her
characters could never be anyone else, yet they are also all of us. Reading
these stories, I had the same feeling I had when I first read the collected
stories of Angela Carter and of Vladimir Nabokov: that something lives
beyond the skin and in the skin, and you welcome the invasion, you begin to
long for it every time you're away from the book. You read slow, you read
fast, you hold stories back and then devour them, you dread that moment when
you've finished the last of them. Because the strangeness is familiar and
yet different than you've ever encountered before. Because life seems more
vital, almost hyperreal, after reading Lispector, and it is harder to ignore
the hidden life surging all around you, in all its many forms." Since then
the collection has only grown more significant in my thoughts, in part for
how Lispector fuses so uniquely the real and the surreal. The epic
"Brasilia" has rewarded several re-readings, as have other stories in this
soon-to-become iconic collection. Simply brilliant.

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