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VNBibliography: A.A. Karakuts-Borodina. Yazykovaya lichnost'
Vladimira Nabokova
A.A. Karakuts-Borodina. Yazykovaya lichnost' Vladimira Nabokova kak avtora khudozhestvennogo teksta. Ufa:RIO BashGU: 2003. 202 pp.

The book is an attempt reconstruct Nabokov's linguistic personality as the author of the belletristic texts on the basis of Yu. N. Karaulov's three-level model of the linguistic text. The work is addressed to 1) Russian language teachers at the tertiary level, 2) teachers of linguistic analysis of belletristic writing, 3) teachers of the history of Russian literature, 4) of lit. teachers in school and 5) readers of VN's work.

NOTE. Having skimmed the volume I am still unsure ofwhat a "linguistic personality" is, but the rather technical exposition may be helpful in bringing to the reader's attention aspects of VN's Russian style.

Don Johnson

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