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Lolita, Mona Dahl
I think no further than Mona Lisa and Arlene Dahl, since Nabokov was fond of composite names, and Dolores was a movie buff. Then you look for a common denominator, which would be, as far as I can see, that they both had a natural mole on their upper lip. So far so good.
Much later in Lolita you read that Mona Dahl had a mole on her back, so there you are. What is it with the mole? Since Lolita alludes quite regularly Shakespeare, especially Hamlet, you think of "some vicious mole of nature” which undermines the character; and you look askance, as you are supposed to, at Mona Dahl. Someone more erudite than me might look elsewhere for “Mona” and “Dahl”.

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