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Lolita, Humbert's diary
Lolita, Humbert's resuscitated diary:

“Monday. Delectatio morosa. I spend my doleful days in dumps and dolors”.

In Robert Greene's 'The Card of Fancy", sometimes known as "Gwydonius", published 1589:

"This loathsome life of Gwydonius was such a cutting corrosive to his father’s careful conscience and such a hapless clog to his heavy heart that no joy could make him enjoy any joy, no mirth could make him merry, no prosperity could make him pleasant, but abandoning all delight and avoiding all company he [the father, Clerophontes] spent his doleful days in dumps and dolours which he uttered in these words: ...." (top of page 6

"These words" were Clerophontes' extended lament on his wayward son Gwydonius. The word "Dolours" occurs at least a dozen times in Greene's novella, which is sometimes used as an exemplar of the style known as euphuism, for which see Northrop Frye on this passage

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