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EDITORIAL: Seeking new co-editors for NABOKV-L
Dear Subscribers,

We are approaching the end of our tenth year together managing this
delightful and often fascinating forum, and that seems a fitting time to
end our tenure and pass the List over to new hands.

We seek nominations or self-nominations to take over the editing of
NABOKV-L early in 2016 (or as soon thereafter as the selection process is
complete). If you nominate yourself, please write a brief description of
what you would like to see NABOKV-L become during the next few years. If
you nominate others, please briefly summarize their strengths for the

We expect to name a pair of new co-editors, at least one of whom should be
a Nabokov scholar of Russian literature (or, at least, fully fluent in
Russian). All nominees should have been continuous members of the
International Vladimir Nabokov Society for at least the last three
years, including 2015.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Blackwell and Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Co-Editors, NABOKV-L

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