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RES: [NABOKV-L] Chess in English?
C.Kunin: This photo reminds me that in the interview a link to which Jansy
so kindly profered in the discussion about how to pronounce Lolita, Vera and
VN are playing chess in English! was that for the (French) interviewer? Why
not play in French, then? or Russian? Do you suppose that in private they
actually spoke English together? His English by the way was so sweet,
intimate and charming - I was amazed that he allowed it to be filmed.*

Jansy Mello: Hello, Carolyn. An interesting observation: in what language
did the Nabokov couple routinely communicate with each other after they
moved to Switzerland. Has the "sweet, intimate and charming" exchange been
staged for interviewer and crew and this is why VN allowed such a peep into
his intimacy?

We always wonder how good was Vladimir Nabokov's literary German. If my
memory proves to be right, Vera herself had perfect mastery of it and the
pair might have enjoyed reading aloud together a great variety of foreign

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