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Re: QUERY: VN and Henry James
from Carolyn to the List

Dear Arthur Glass,

I have never associated Lolita with "The Turn of the Screw", but since you
have brought it up, I would like to try out an idea about that famous tale
with the List.

I haven't found any of the explications of the story convincing, so came up
with the idea that perhaps the governess was being punished (by God? by
Henry James?) for the sin of having the audacity to attempt to be a virgin

Be that as it may or may not - - to return to VN, there is a chapter devoted
to this story in Marina Grishakova's book, The Models of Space, Time and
Vision in V. Nabokov¹s Fiction Narrative Strategies and Cultural Frames.
Unfortunately I am unable to locate my copy of the book, but it probably
addresses your query.


p.s. I fail to understand the brouhaha over the rather simple, and beautiful
to my eye and ear, line of the false azure in the window pane. Isn't this a
rather simple metonymy? with the added heraldic sense that is certainly
appropriate to Pale Fire?

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