NABOKV-L post 0026628, Sat, 14 Nov 2015 22:58:09 -0800

Re: lastochka & other birds in Pale Fire
On Nov 14, 2015, at 6:52 AM, Alexey Sklyarenko wrote: Carolyn, you are
not inventing or parodying. Lastochka (“The Swift”) in VN’s reading
can be listened to here:

Thank you, Alexey. This poem in English and Russian is on an old
Spoken Arts LP I still have somewhere. One one side of the record VN
reads a chapter from Lolita and on the other a selection of poems. The
recording on the web sounds exactly like the reading the way I
remember it. So Lastochka is "swallow" and/or "swift"? Are they the
same bird? No ornithologist, I.


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