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More on Conmal
Dear Jerry,

I too find Conmal to be knotty problem. Some interesting things - - there
seems to be an anagram lurking in the full name (Conmal Duke of Aros), and
interesting tidbits regarding him lurk in the Index.

Conmal is half-brother of Blenda, so from my point of view he should be
half-brother to Caroline Lukin. No "i" blocks the Lukin half of that
possibility. So I'm looking for other possibilities. "Samuel" is a possible
first name.

The Index has other hints regarding the Duke's identity:

Aroz, a fine town in E. Zembla, capital of Conmal's dukedom; once the
mayorship of the worthy Ferz ("chessqueen") Bretwit (q.v.), a cousin of
the grand-uncle of Oswin Bretwit (q.v.).

When you look up Bretwit you are sent to Odevalla and Aroz.

Odevalla, a fine town north of Onhava in E. Zembla, once the mayorship of
the worthy Zule ("chessrook") Bretwit, granduncle of Oswin Bretwit (q.v.,
q.v., as the crows say).

I haven't had a chance to digest all this, but there does seem to be lots to
chew on. I wonder if Odevalla and Aroz might add up to something. The whole
Bretwit family has me totally confused. Any ideas?


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