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VN and Ayn Rand
From Don Johnson:
In re the recent mention of Ayn Rand, I mention that I sent out a brief note on them so years ago on N/L. See below. I later did a full-scale article on the "odd couple" that appeared in the Ayn Rand Journal. Abstract below:


Volume 2, No. 1 - Fall 2000

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS: AYN RAND AND VLADIMIR NABOKOV, pp. 47-67D. BARTON JOHNSON traces the parallel lives and literary origins of two Russo-American writers: Ayn Rand and Vladimir Nabokov. Born in Saint Peterburg six years apart, they overlapped on the New York Times bestsellers list in the late fifties. Nabokov and Rand represent polar examples of their cultural heritage: for Nabokov, the aesthetically-oriented tradition of the modernist Russian Symbolists; for Rand, the social-utilitarian tradition of Nikolai Chernyshevsky, and later, Maxim Gorky, founder of Socialist Realism.

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