NABOKV-L post 0014557, Wed, 3 Jan 2007 09:05:02 -0800

ck to JM re: tesselation and parapet.

My intention is to invite you to help me explore these "tactile" issues (
mouth, eyes, fingers), not intrude any deffinite or fully explored
conclusion. Jansy

To Jansy from Carolyn,

I too have noticed the sectile/mosaic/tesselated constellation. And your
parapets don't surprise me. Unlike you however I can't think why it would be
useful to explore something without the intention of coming to any
conclusion. Alas, in this case I have none to offer.

But I can pose a possibility. It seems to me that VN likes to leave these
little repeated word droppings that don't in themselves add up to anything.
But one day, with luck or an inspired guess, you will pick up a book and
find that the same word droppings are there.

But in these two cases, the repetitions are distributed over more than one
work, so something else entirely may be afoot. One thing for sure, these are
not coincidences.


p.s. I think that the reticulation of the veil may be part of the
sectile/tesselated word group. But it does seem separate. Interesting.

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