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Re: The name of Lolita
Maar's experience calls to mind the plot/premise of VN's "The Admiralty
Spire." The story's narrator finds a historical novel in a backwater
bookstore and believes it to be a fictionalized account of his own love
affair. The story ends with the narrator acknowledging the possibility that
he's mistaken, and that the resemblance is a miraculous coincidence.


Bruce Stone

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> Michael Maar writes in response:
> Dear List,
> To answer Maurice Couturier, let me remind you of some brute facts which
> are developed in my book “The Two Lolitas”. First of all, imagine you
> discover a collection of German short stories of which one, called
> “Atomit”, bears a strange resemblance to the early Nabokov play “The Waltz
> Invention”. Both of them treat the invention of a potentially devastating
> new weapon; both of them begin in the war ministry, and there are lots of
> other similarities. In Nabokov’s play, the grotesque hero (and his cousin
> of the same name) are called Waltz, German “Walzer”. Now, as you start to
> leaf through the German book, strangely so, you hit upon two brothers named
> “Walzer”. Hmm. Coincidence? Then you look at the title of the story with
> those Waltz brothers. And then you pale: The title is “Lolita”. And the
> story in its basic plot is very close to the one we all know. Now, can
> anyone with his right wits deny that this goes far beyond possible
> coincidence? Statistically speaking, there may very well be some other
> Lolitas before Lichberg’s one. But there are no Waltz brothers around. And
> since Nabokov must have read the story “Atomit”, he surely also read the
> story whose subject, elder man falls in love with a premature girl,
> certainly interested him for several years. This denial of simple logic has
> always amazed me. Could it be that any association between Lichberg, who
> later became a Nazi journalist and admirer of Hitler, and the maestro was
> slightly displeasing to the community?
> Michael Maar
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