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Re: L*lita and TW
Jansy Mello posted:

Hello, Kristina

By some ethereal quirk among servers your message to the VN-L didn't reach my inbox. This is why I'm copying it in my reply to guarantee that other VN-List subscribers who might have missed it can find it. I was very touched by your arguments related to the dangers of inadvertently reawakening a trauma while reading specific novels in class - since this is very real threat in certain cases. The statistics you cited are staggering. Trigger Warnings may be an important precaution for the teacher but it is "society," in other words the "real world" and not the novel itself or its author, which has to be considered as the main agent of renewed and unbearable shock.
As I see it, with the necessary "caveat" and adequate space for discussions in class, good literature may even prove to be helpful by enabling an affected reader's processes of working through his/her personal issues or as an encouragement for them to look for appropriate counselling resources. The big issue, the existence and increase of violence, though, remains a monstrous failure of...what? Humanity?

Jansy Mello


Dear Jansy,

Thank you for your response. I agree with you that literature can have a healing function. As for the rest, I don't have any answers. It would be nice if we no longer had such issues.


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