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Hogg in translation?
From Carolyn to Charles and the List,

I was able to locate the possible reference to Hogg in the original Russian
version of Despair. The translation into English is very close to the
original, and does seem to refer to Hogg.

After disposing of titles such as Memoirs, The Mirror, Portrait of the
Artist in a Mirror, Felix comes up with The Likeness (Sxodstvo); An
Unrecognized Likeness (Nepriznannoe Sxodstvo); Justification of a Likeness
(Opravdanie sxodsta)

You also asked about possible translations into Russian or French. There do
not appear to be any translations of Hogg into any language. While looking
for one, however, I found this charming passage in Karl Miller's Electric
Shepherd' A Likeness [!] of James Hogg (2003):

Gide helped to make Hogg respectable. In 1947 he went to Oxford for an
honorary degree and attended a seminar where he mentioned this strange and
remarkable book. The name of the author had slipped his mind. "L'auteur
c'est - - " Douglass Johnson, then a postgraduate student, supplied the
name. Gide's 'Mr. 'Og' was very different from that of his compatriot Lady
Scott. He said that the book was a mystery. It was a mystery of another
nature to the teachers of French at the seminar, who had heard neither of
the book nor its author .... (page 235)


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