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Cresset & other editions of Hogg's Confessions
Carolyn responds to Charles' remark:

Carolyn¹s thought that VN owned the 1947 Cresset edition of Hogg would have
to mean that VN inserted the echo into his 1965 translation of the 1932
original. The previous edition, in about 1922, was not issued by Cresset (I

Dear Charles,

In the 1932 novel Despair there is no reference to "cresset," just to
something beginning with 'Memoirs of a --' of a what? .... 'Justification of
a Likeness'? Apparently VN first read the work in another edition* and only
later, before writing Pale Fire, acquired the Cresset.


Informal bibliography of Hogg's Private Memoirs and Confessions of a
Justified Sinner up to 1970:

19th century:
1824 - - first edition published in Edinburgh by Longman & Co; two other
faulty editions were published during the 19th century edition under other
titles and heavily expurgated. A respectable edition was published by
Shiells and Co. in 1895.

20th century:
In 1924 the text of the first edition was reproduced in the Campion Reprints
series. The Cresset edition came out in 1947 with an introduction by André
Gide. No other edition was issued until 1969.

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