NABOKV-L post 0014430, Mon, 18 Dec 2006 08:25:27 -0800

Re: From ck to A. Bouazza on translation
From: "A. Bouazza" <mushtary@YAHOO.COM>Subject: on translation

[FitzGerald's Rubaiyyat] will always retain its place in English literature
because of its poetical charm and elegance

Dear A. Bouazza,

Thank you for your wonderful reply to my question. I certainly asked the
right person. I will pursue some of the other translations you mention as

But I wonder if the popularity of the FitzGerald Rubaiyyat isn't also due to
its philosophy. If I were an atheist and/or a drinker it should be the
closest thing I would have to a bible. As it is, I find its philosophy
almost irresistible.


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