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Thoughts: Two Lolitas
Dear List,

Carolyn suggests that my claim that Humbert generally refers to Dolores as
"Lolita" only in his narration, not in his actual interactions with her,
reinforces the possibility that Nabokov was influenced by Heinz von
Lichberg's 1916 story "Lolita," as Michael Maar suggested in *The Two
Lolitas*. (If I remember correctly, Carolyn herself was the one to
translate that story into English in the *TLS*.)

I agree that if the name "Lolita" is even more more imaginary, private, and
fictitious than many readers have assumed, this does support the argument
that Nabokov drew on other, earlier instances of the name in literature to
describe Humbert's construction.

Thanks for the question, Carolyn!

:) SES

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Co-Editor, NABOKV-L

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