NABOKV-L post 0014357, Mon, 11 Dec 2006 15:32:38 -0800

correction of VN on translation

From Carolyn to the List,

At Jansy's suggestion I checked the archives and found these marvelous lines
which were grotesquely garbled by my miserable mnemoysene which I can't even
spell. I do think this may well be the best thing VN ever wrote in English:

What is translation? On a platter

A poet's pale and glaring head,

A parrot's screech, a monkey's chatter,

And profanation of the dead.

The parasites you were so hard on

And pardoned if I have your pardon,

O Pushkin, for my strategem.

I traveled down your secret stem,

And reached that root, and fed upon it;

Then, in a language newly learned,

I grew another stalk and turned

Into my honest roadside prose -

All thorn, but cousin to your rose.

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