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New illustrated Lolita -/Federico Infante, Folio editions

'Lolita' - now with pictures

Washington Post

Nabokov confronts objections to his novel with his usual wit: "Teachers of
Literature are apt to think up such problems as.(The Washington Post)

By <> Ron Charles October
13 at 12:14 PM

Even in these sophisticated latter days, "
0679723161&linkCode=xm2&tag=thewaspos09-20> Lolita" still carries a scent of
pedophilic scandal. Are we ready for an illustrated version of Nabokov's

The Folio Society, a small London publisher of fine volumes, has just
released a boxed edition with the name spelled out on the cover as Humbert
Humbert pronounces it in his opening paragraph: "Lo. Lee. Ta." Laced
sparingly throughout the text are eight, full-page, color images by the
artist <> Federico Infante - which in this
context sounds like a Nabokovian pun.

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