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More on Kater Murr
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Ah, yes, now I remember what Hoffmann's The Life and Opinions of the
Tomcat Murr has to do with Pale Fire ... Here is how Amazon describes
a recent translation which makes it sound very much like Pale Fire:

Tomcat Murr is a loveable, self-taught animal who has written his own
autobiography. But a printer's error causes his story to be
accidentally mixed and spliced with a book about the composer Johannes
Kreisler. As the two versions break off and alternate at dramatic
moments, two wildly different characters emerge from the confusion -
Murr, the confident scholar, lover, carouser and brawler, and the
moody, hypochondriac genius Kreisler. In his exuberant and bizarre
novel, Hoffmann brilliantly evokes the fantastic, the ridiculous and
the sublime within the humdrum bustle of daily life, making The Life
and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr (1820-22) one of the funniest and
strangest novels of the nineteenth century.


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