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C Kunin on Book Note
To the List,

This book does look wonderfully tantalizing. I found it in paperback
for about $30 and also available in a downloadable format for $6.

By the way, Johnson claims to have found a "single thread" that Henry
James has woven throughout all of his work - - a thread "hidden in
plain sight". I suspect Nabokov has done something similar - - some
of his best jests certainly have this quality.


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> Subject: Book Note
> Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008 10:56:06 -0800
> From: Samuel Schuman <sschuman@UNCA.EDU>
> CC: Samuel Schuman <sschuman@UNCA.EDU>
> Nabokovians might be interested in Lee McKay Johnson's "Finding the
> Figure
> in the Carpet: Vision and Silence in the Works of Henry James."
> Johnson
> refers to VN several times, and suggests that James' sense of the
> ideal
> novel reader corresponds to Nabokov's -- that is, the only ideal
> reader is a
> re-reader, who can apprehend the entire work simultaneously, like a
> piece of
> visual art.
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