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C Kunin re Dr Sutton's field
To the List,

I was struck by two recent references in the Dr Sutton discussion to
"the doctor's field," "a physician's field." So just what is
"Sutton" sowing and reaping?

C) Dr. Sutton consults with the Shades on the poltergeist in their
house and on the one in Hentzner's barn. But Kinbote hints that this
info was not really within the doctor's field. So what kind of Dr. is
Dr. Sutton? -Matt Roth

Dear Matt Roth,
Could you quote this "hint"?

thanks, Carolyn

> I think it's normal for parents to consult a physician if abnormal
> things are happening around their daughter, even though
> supernatural manifestations aren't really within a physician's
> field. -Jerry Friedman

Dear Jerry Friedman,

I don't think "Sutton" is a physician. Perhaps the remark that after
consulting him Hazel's parents felt "in better spirits" points to a
more occult occupation. Since Hazel's parents clearly refuse to take
her to a Freudian, he could be, if not a spiritualist, perhaps a
Jungian? or both (not impossible)?

I also thought the two names were probably Clifton and Sutcliff - -
along the same lines as Wordsmith/Goldsworth; Beauchamp/Campbell;


p.s. Just read a wonderful Samuel Goldwyn citation in the Oxford
Dictionary of Quotations: 'in two words: im-possible!"

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