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Re: darker thoughts on Disa in PF
Re: [NABOKV-L] darker thoughts on Disa in PFS.K-B quoted and wrote: Pale Fire "is full of plums that I keep hoping somebody will find"...All the Tom Thumbs are thereby encouraged...( ...Is this some accepted meta-level of meta-narrative analysis where the author/creator, VN, deliberately sets out to confuse the reader about which of VN's allusions are known or unknown to his creature-characters?)

C.K helped me to find the nursery rhymes about good little boy Jack Horner sitting in a corner as I was intrigued by K-B's plums and thumbs, and by his posting addressed to D.Zimmer as well.
( Why "Tom Thumbs" ? )
I had recently read U. Eco's lecture about the Poe/Gordon Pym authorial ploys.Google did the rest ... I was carried on to Poe's "Pym" ( ) in relation to Pale Fire in:
LeClair, Thomas. "Poe's Pym and Nabakov's Pale Fire," Notes on Contemporary Literature, 3 (1973), 2-3. [Points out a "submerged" allusion to Pym in Nabakov's Pale Fire.] [column 2:] Text: J. Lasley Dameron, Thomas C. Carlson, John E. Reilly and Judy Osowski, " Current Poe Bibliography," from Poe Studies, vol. VIII, no. 2, December 1975, pp. 43-46.]
Since I, unfortunately, have no easy access to specialized articles, I wonder if anyone would inform me about this "submerged" allusion in Pale Fire to Pym and his "Strange Dis/appearance" ( btw, I enjoyed J.Katsell's moebiusian: "peeking out from within PF and winking at the reader" in relation to Disa).

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