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C Kunin on point of bifurcation

On Dec 6, 2007, at 7:24 AM, Matthew Roth wrote:
> Tiffany DeRewal (and I think Carolyn as well?) asserts that Shade's
> "heart attack" is the crisis point where Shade's personality
> finally begins to bifurcate.

Dear Matt,

Actually the original bifurcation, or the "birth" of Charles Kinbote,
takes place on Shade's birthday, but which one, I forget. I have
supposed it to be the result of John Shade's sexual abuse at the
forcible hand of Aunt Maud by means of that "wench."

I think that Charles Kinbote had been having lots of homosexual
fantasy fun in homosexual fantasy Zembla for all those years only
somewhat interrupted by his and John's marriage to Sybil/Disa. His
existence only begins to intrude into Shade's conscious mind after
Shade suffers a stroke. Charles's escape from Zembla is actually the
depiction of a cerebral stroke with its stutterings, flashings and
blocked passes. The damage has been done to the primary personality,
and as Shade convalesces, Charles begins his intrusion.

Very nasty - - but nice.


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