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Re: Thoughts Re: [NABOKV-L] on Tumbling apples in PF
RSGwynn: It should be obvious that Shade was here predicting the soon-to-be existence of that other Nabokov creation, "Alfred Appel." ...[ not ]... a fictional character invented by VN to "explain" Lolita. Apparently the son had to produce his birth certificate as evidence that A. A. was, in fact, a real person with a genuine gene-pool! VN cast very long shadows, as it were.

J. Mello: For the sake of registering coincidental shades of words besides the "long drawn shadows" of past and future: When a List-participant signed his comments on Lolita's red honeyed apple as J. Mella, I thought someone was playing a joke ( then I remembered John Mella). In Portuguese the word for honey is "mel" and apple, in Italian, is "mela".

C. Kunin: (a) likelihood is that most beds, even literary ones, are tumbled at least once in a 24 hour day. (b) I tried googling "tumbled bed" and amongst the first ten of 850,000 (an even number, my goodness! that must be a first!!) "hits" I found these interesting tidbits - - gems one and all. It seems you can even buy a pre-tumbled bed!!! Those of perverse bent will rejoice to see that there are some rather dark images...

J.Mello: Tumbled hair, tumbled beds tumble about and many examples do not confirm the "sexual" meaning pointed out by M. Roth. And yet, I still think his research is worth pursuing.
Van's "Mascodagama" act, if I'm not mistaken, takes place together with exercising " oriental tumblers" in ADA ( or do they appear at the begining, during Marina's acting and Demon's seduction scene?)

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