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RES: [NABOKV-L] RES: [NABOKV-L] Four more likely origins of the
name Disa
C.Kunin:The Disa in the story provided by Dieter Zimmer is the same as the
legendary Disa that I found, but it was Dis as another name for Hades* that
I was actually looking for but did not find. Hades is an anagram for Shade -
or vice versa (see versipel) I suppose. [Dieter Zimmer: 'Pluto's other names
are Hades and Dis.' ]

Jansy Mello: Shade/Hades is an anagram, but was it intended by VN, in the
sense that the name Shade would've been chosen because of this wordplay
instead of its other shades of darkness?

You mention Disa as a figure of the underworld and, although you didn't
mention it this time, you once brought up your theories about how Disa
relates to Sybil Shade. How would you connect both names, Shade/Hades and
Disa, or their allusions?

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