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Re: query: serenity , trinity and Magellan's peacefulness
Dear List, and Alexey

My phileandering mind left me at sea but Alexey Sklyarenko warned me about it in the nick of time.
Of course, The Gavailles ( Hawaii, if I'm not mistaken) are not in the Caribbean, but in the middle of the Pacific so named, by Magellan, aboard his flagship "Trinity", because it seemed so peaceful and... serene?

Anyway: In ADA both Tobakoff's vessel and Demon's projects concerning the Gavailles ( the funeral was not his, but Marina's, I think, but there might be a foreboding in the air ...) were mentioned close together:
"Demon, she said, had told her, last year at the funeral, that he was buying an island in the Gavailles...[...] 'They're showing something called Don Juan's Last Fling. It's prerelease and for adults only. Topical Tobakoff!'..."

Google-check: In September 20, 1519, Magellan and a crew of 270 men set sail from Spain on their around-the-world voyage in five small vessels including his flagship Trinidad, Concepcion, San Antonio, Victoria, and Santiago. It took the fleet, or at least the three remaining ships in the fleet, 38 days to navigate the strait around South America that was to bear Magellan's name. During the last week of November, the fleet emerged into what Magellan described as a "beautiful, peaceful ocean." Thus, it was named the Pacific Ocean ("pacific" meaning "peaceful.")

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