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Re: query: serenity and trinity

From a theological (Christian) standpoint there¹s a possible
Trinity-Serenity progression similar to Dante¹s Inferno-Purgatorio-Paradiso

In this interpretation, which I think we could be free to describe as
ironic, Trinity (usually preceded by ³Holy²) is the scholastic/organized
religion manifestation of the Deity on earth. In other words,
Father-Son-Holy Spirit is (in starkly literal non-poetic fact) the
tripartite keystone of dogma, orthodoxy, etc.

So, analogously, by ones earthly obedience to the Trinity, for the
Christian, one can be said to achieve Serenity, the divine state of the soul
with the dust and ashes left behind. In other words, rapture, Heaven ...
Whatever happens as a result of or reward for following the Trinity in ones
mortal span.

Warning: I¹m no expert on this. I was raised a Christian (Presbyterian) but
I neither practice nor follow any religion. Just a book reader. A lot of
books inherited from Presbyterian minister uncle of mine.

Sorry, about any/all lack of clarity in the above. Circumstances require
fast writing at the moment.

I¹ve GREATLY ENJOYED and felt special vindication of my own views on Pale
Fire in your recent contributions to the N-List discussions.


Andrew Brown

On 10/29/07 11:19 PM, "b.boyd@AUCKLAND.AC.NZ" <b.boyd@AUCKLAND.AC.NZ> wrote:

> A query: does the pairing of serenity and trinity suggest anything to anyone?
> I am compiling the next instalments of ADA annotations, to I.28, and wonder
> why VN's Trinity's Great Court becomes Van's Serenity Court. Googling
> "serenity trinity" provides the most bizarre conjunctions, beginning with the
> imaginary queendom of Serenity Trinity, continuing with Serenity Trinity
> garden plaques for crematoria, and so on, but offering no common thread to
> their conjunction that I can grasp.
> Brian Boyd
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