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“Camera Obscura,” based on the novel by Vladimir Nab okov ...

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It’s play time
by Olga Kovalenko, Kyiv Post Staff WriterOct 17 2007, 22:46

Ivan Franko National Drama Theater never fails to impress its audience with classical plays and the cast of star actors.
As the weather gets colder and various outdoor activities get less and less plausible, indoor entertainments grow in popularity. Autumn and winter are generally considered hot seasons for the theater industry, and even those who don’t consider themselves true theater-goers start scanning playbills for good shows.

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The Kyiv Lypky Young Spectator Academic Theatre, known as TUZ, stages plays mostly for the young audience, but always offers several performances that are interesting for the older visitors as well. Among the upcoming plays that are worth visiting are: “Camera Obscura,” based on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov, “Smak Medu” (“Taste of Honey”), based on the drama by Sheila Delainy, and “Vovky Ta...” (“Wolves and…”), based on the play “Wolves and Sheep” by Aleksandr Ostrovskiy. Each of these theaters has its own charm which you will either fall in love with or dislike, but you won’t know until you’ve visited them.

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