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clarification of the article title
Dear all,

To clarify things, "Zhili u babusi dva vesiolykh gusia, ili "Ada" kak roman-sharadoid" ("Two Merry Geese Lived at Grandma's, or ADA as a Charadoid Novel") is the Russian title of the updated version of my piece whose "obsolete" version is now available in Zembla (go to "News" for the direct connection). "Two merry geese" are the novelists Ilf and Petrov (please guess yourselves whom I meant by "baboosia"). Unless I'm greatly mistaken, "charadoid" (a charade-resembling puzzle) is the word that was invented by Ilf and Petrov and first used, along with another invention, "arifmomoid," in "The Golden Calf" (1931).

Alexey Sklyarenko

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