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The Vladimir Nabokov Museum in Saint Petersburg ...


Butterfly Pushkin and Other Metamorphoses in Petersburg


The Vladimir Nabokov Museum in Saint Petersburg is presently displaying works by the famous scriptwriter Rezo Gabriadze from the series Butterfly Pushkin. Metamorphoses and Photography of Pushkin. Butterfly Pushkin. Metamorphoses is a joint work of Rezo Gabriadze and the prominent writer Andrei Bitov. It is an amusing and captivating cartooned story about Pushkin turning into a butterfly, a funny and at the same time philosophical tale about the true and lively Pushkin. The series Photography of Pushkin consists of illustrations to the same-name story by Andrei Bitov. Rezo Gabriadze, famous as the scriptwriter of popular Russian comedy films, such as Mimino, Kin-dza-dza, and Ne Gorui! is also the author of the well-known Petersburg monuments: the one to the courageous sparrow Chizhik Pyzhik, a hero of Russian folk tales, and another to Major Kovalyovs Nose, a notorious character of a Gogols story. The exhibition runs till October 17. Sources: itar-tass.com, rosculture.ru

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