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Re: QUERY re: Kinbote's discipline, toothwort...
Matt Roth discussed the different varieties of toothwort [ "The Toothwort White haunted our woods in May"]

JM: Stimulated by J. Friedman's and Boyd's contributions, but almost gratuitously, I quoted a paragraph from PF which I want to bring up again:
"...the extraordinary blend of Canadian Zone and Austral Zone that "obtained," as he put it, in that particular spot of Appalachia where...northern species of birds, insects and plants commingled with southern representatives....in New Wye together with the "atlantis" (presumably another flower)...

Query: I'm puzzled by the stress Kinbote laid on Shade's expression "that obtained"... Can anyone indicate to me where this expression is discussed?

On second thoughts, the introduction of "atlantis" in relation to New Wye's (often also, "Arcadia") paradaisal commingling of birds and plants, from the north and the south, might not be an indication of a crossing of the Atlantic ( as I surmised at first) but a reference to a Platonic "Atlantis" and, even more to the point, to Francis Bacon's NewAtlantis ( a "scientific utopia") .
Any suggestions? Bibliographic indications?

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