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Wolves in VN's work
Dear list,
Thanks to Alexey and others for pointing out to me lupine references in
several works by VN. I am now trying to compile as many references to wolves
as I can. I think I have covered PF, Lolita, Despair, and The Enchanter
(plus one ref. to Little Red R-H in RLSK) but I would appreciate information
regarding any more specific references to wolves (including Red R-H refs) in
the rest of VN's works. If I end up using the info, I will of course
acknowledge the gift with a gracious footnote. I am particularly interested
in VN's use of the wolf as a figure for a sexual predator, as in The
Enchanter (thanks, Alexey).

Responses can be given off-list. I promise I will report back here with a
full list once I have compiled it.

Matt Roth

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