Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: THOUGHTS: Versipellis in Despair
Dear Matt, Carolyn et al.,

Carolyn of course meant "one of Aqua's hallucinations."
As to versipels, and other man-animals, it seems to me that Matt Roth
will read with interest my article "ADA as Nabokov's Anti-Utopia Set on
Antiterra" soon to appear in Zembla. I mention Freudian Wolfsmann in
another paper, "ADA as a Mystical Novel," for which I didn't find a
publisher yet. Also, I may speak of the Russian phrase volchiy bilet
(literally: "lupine ticket" but meaning "passport with note of political
unreliability of holder") in one of my future essays on ADA.

Alexey Sklyarenko

Yes, the original Russian passage reads as its English translation.


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