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Lansquenet source
Dear Matt,

What lead you to this discovery? Chance? Google? Is there any further
light on Pale Fire to be found in the Dumas?

It makes me wonder if it wouldn't be possible to trace all of Kinbote
to literary sources, more specifically to literary sources in
children's literature. It might thereby be possible to discover what
books were on the Shade bookshelves.


On Sep 7, 2007, at 5:35 AM, Matthew Roth wrote:

> For those interested in the lansquenet chapter in Dumas, here is a
> link via Google Books:
> id=l86VT7gVR30C&pg=PA557&dq=lansquenet&ei=EUXhRveLIYbs7gLjjf2oAQ
> Matt
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